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PPI Claims Companies Slammed

A 2011 undercover operation by the Consumers Association revealed massive failings in the PPI Reclaim industry. Among the worst culprits for this, according to Which?, were WeFightAnyClaim, Belmont Thornton, Challenge Your PPI, Fast Track Reclaim, The Claim Guys, Brunel Franklin, Consumer Finance Claims, Canary Claims Aims Review. Six of the companies investigated repeatedly told the… Read More »

PPI Claims Success Rates

The following are the success rates claimed by PPI claims companies on their websites.   Guardian PPI Claims 94% Payment Protection Scotland 93% PPI Money Back 90% Save and Claim 90% Premium Claims 90% ismart 89% Of course a comparison of statistics may not be on a like-for-like basis.… Read More »

Employing a PPI claims company

PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) has been developed and offered by financial service providers to ensure that people that face financial difficulty still have the ability to pay off their monthly loan repayments. This might be due to them falling ill, becoming injured, or even if they have lost their job. It reduces stress levels and… Read More »

PPI reclaim companies

Almost every day there is a fresh advert on the tv for PPI reclaim companies encouraging you to sign up with them so that they can help you to make your claim. For instance Owl Claims in their advert claim an average refund of £2750, no upfront charges, a friendly call centre and that you… Read More »

Measure PPI company

There are no independent statistics to show which are the best PPI claims handling companies. Of course you can always ask around your friends if they have made a claim and if so what their experiences were. By and large the most successful PPI claims companies have a success rate of over 90% However, its… Read More »

PPI Claims for Unemployed

With economic times being as uncertain as ever, it is important for people to take as many precautions as possible to ensure that times do not get any harder. One of the great things that people can do these days is take out PPI (Payment Protection Insurance). Essentially, this is an insurance policy that will… Read More »