Best place to buy glasses online

Online shopping has become more secure and convenient than ever. However there are some things that you might think are not so easy to buy online – glasses for instance.

Here are some things to consider before you buy your glasses online.

  1. Durability
    When buying online it’s hard to get the feel of what they will be like. Having them in your hands gives you a better idea. Look for an online glasses retailer who can offer durable frames and make sure they offer lenses and add-ons appropriate to your lifestyle — things like polycarbonate lenses, anti-glare and scratch-resistant treatments, and UV protection.
  2. Special lenses
    Fitting multifocal lenses is an intricate process. Because of this, many online retailers shy away from filling these more complex prescriptions although some such as Glasses 4 U will offer this option. High index lenses are  the thinnest lens with the highest tensile strength for maximum durability. They are recommended for prescriptions lower than -4 and higher than +3.50.
  3. NHS vouchers
    If you are on benefits and are entitled to a voucher for your glasses, will your online retailer accept the voucher?
  4. Choice
    You will of course want a variety of frame styles to choose from, including both budget brands and top designer brands you can trust. Some retailers offer buy one get one free so that you are not stuck with one style for every occasion.
  5. Try before buying
    It is of course vital for most people to see what you look like in your new glasses before you buy? Some online glasses retailers have virtual technology to help you. You can see how frames look on you from every angle before you pick the pair that look best on you. Some retailers will ship glasses straight to your doorstep to try out, too.
  6. Correct fit
    Fit is of course a big issue with glasses, and a potential problem for many online glasses shops.  If your frames don’t fit well, they are not only uncomfortable, they may actually cause vision problems and/or headaches since you won’t be looking through the lens correctly.
  7. Shipping
    You can purchase your new prescription glasses in no time online, but make sure you factor in delivery costs.  In choosing your online store, ensure you look at the shipping options and confirm delivery time.
  8. Return policies
    What happens if you are disappointed in your order? Read the return policy carefully before you order so you know exactly how the retailer will handle returns. For instance, how many days do you have to return the glasses? Can you get a refund or just an exchange? Also, do you pay to ship back the return – or does the retailer?