PPI Claims Success Rates

By | April 6, 2017

The following are the success rates claimed by PPI claims companies on their websites.


Guardian PPI Claims 94% www.guardianppiclaims.co.uk

Payment Protection Scotland 93% http://www.paymentprotectionscotland.co.uk/

PPI Money Back 90% http://ppi-money-back.co.uk

Save and Claim 90% http://www.saveandclaim.com

Premium Claims 90% www.premiumclaims.com

ismart 89% www.ppi.co.uk

Of course a comparison of statistics may not be on a like-for-like basis. Some companies my refuse to pursue claims that they consider to be borderline. We cannot vouch for the validity of claims drawn from external websites. The best PPI claim company statistics are from Guardian PPI claims who claim they have a 94% success rate.